Google Play Store Apk v9.24 Download For Android 2018

Google’s official sources for downloads and android apps in Google play store. Apart from holding one million games and apps in its digital library, Google play store also possesses a multitude of videos and music files. The particular application can be obtained by browsing in Google play store library or by searching for the right keyword with the help of Google play store. Downloading and installation of android apps can be accomplished in a secure and official manner. Google play store can also be mentioned as a portal for games android apps and official store for Google.

Similar to apple having their apps store, Google possesses Google play store being the official android app market, for android apps. It is used across the globe for application downloading to your wallets, android wear and smartphone. Some apps need to be Google but most of them are free of cost. The new feature added by Google is the play-protect which periodically checks your device and apps for harmful activities. We have, also shared Blackmart Alpha Apk, check it out.

In case there are security risks then the notification would be sent. Also, a present rating of the app is also presented. Hence with help of display rating, the app can be judged for downloading.

Download & Install Google Play Store Apk On Android?

Google Play Store Apk
Google Play Store Apk

The latest pre-release version of Google play store 9.1.24 apk file can be downloaded effectively. This is being shipped to major of the android devices as users can get updated to the latest version. The main beneficial aspect of 9.1.24 apk release is that they possess internal enhancement that provides a better user experience for users. Below are mentioned few steps about the installation of Google play store apk.

  • Users are required to download 9.1.24 apk from various links available online or get from Apkmirror.
  • The users may install the app from unknown sources which are enabled on their device. The user needs to get to settings – security and check the unknown sources box.
  • The next step would be to install a file browser app on the android device. There are many apps similar to this play store. The ES file explore file is the complete and reliable one.
  • Users can make use of file manager and more to the directory where play store apk was downloaded.
  • The user then needs to select the apk. In case the user is prompted with a dialogue box or alert about the usage of the app. The package installer is to be selected look for additional permission and click on install
  • It is a major security hole to leave unknown sources checked which may lead to issues. Hence turning it off is perfect. Get back to devise settings- security settings, application settings or privacy settings and uncheck the box.



Google play store can be a great source to get fresh apps on your phone, there are also many awesome features which may not have noticed and used. Here are a few trustworthy and cool features.

Play Store Apk
Play Store Apk
  • Beta communities

Any app developer who makes use of Google play store has the capacity to roll out beta as new features are being investigated. These aspects cannot be found in your usual app view. Such news about the apps can be found by associating with the beta community. In order to access beta version, the user needs to join Google + community or Google group. After signing in for beta apps can be accessed. The user needs to join the community by signing up for the beta program, by this way beta enrolment would begin. By this way, new apps can be explored from your friends.

  • Wishlist

An awesome handy wish list is available with Google play store which many people do not use. It is highly recommended to use the same with the help of wish list. The user can save books, movies, and apps available from store and can be present all the time after installation. Whatever you saved can be found later by swiping the left-hand navigation panel in the play store and clicking on the wish list.

  • People section

The play store has a side out navigation where people can choose. By this way, you can gain trustworthy recommendations depending on your interest and opinion from other people about you. It is really different to find new apps these days and also safe as users need not have to experiment by deleting the app after other each time.

  • Explicit content

It is usual that children use parent’s phone and browse them. Though their intention would be to play new games, there would be an update and lead them in an unsafe world of the internet. The play store has an awesome filter which relieves parent fear. This filter in play store restricts explicit content. The users can enable this filter in play store by getting to play store settings and enabling parental controls.

  • Automatic update

None of the users likes to update every app each day. Users should know that there is the customised approach to updates presents these days. There is an option in the settings panel called auto-update which lets the user automatically update apps either by over Wi-Fi, phones data or more. Users can also turn-off update notification so that apps are updated in a silent manner. Users may want to exempt few apps from auto-updating, they can de-select button and avoid automatic updating of apps. Also, we have shared Aptoide Apk, an alternative marketplace for Google Play Store Apk.



Google Play Store
Google Play Store
Package name
Version 9.1.24 all [0] [PR] 187901561(80912400)
File size 14 mb
updated March 7, 2018
Minimum android version Android 4.0 (ice-cream, sandwich, API 14)


FAQ About Google Play Store Apk

  1. How to get Google play store on chrome book?

The user needs to get to the drawer right corner and click on icons. Selecting settings- click on chrome OS – click on more info – click change channel – opt for beta – click on change channel – the user needs to wait for beta chrome release to download. Then the user needs to restart the computer when required. The box next to enable Google play store in chrome book needs to be checked and then sign in and accept.

  1. Is Google play store safe?

Yes, Google play store is safe as they are updated with latest android security feature such as bounce and more.



Google play store apk is a must-have app for the various beneficial aspects it holds. All categories of apps such as videos, books, photo editors, music, and lot more can be found with this app. Users can download and install easily with steps mentioned above in an easy manner. Download the app and make use of it